What is the story of you?


Before you try to talk about what you do, what you sell, or why your cause, premise or product is important, why not tell the story of you?


Who you are, why you are uniquely qualified to do what you do, who you are and precisely why your experience, passion, position, brand or service and values make your story important and unique. What makes you different? What makes your story compelling? What is your "Impossible to ignore" relevance?


What's more the reason your brand, story or campaign is important should be not about what you make or sell, but why. The why is what makes your product, service or premise indispensable to your key constituencies.


What makes you important about tomorrow, not yesterday? How does your compelling personal story create a transformational connection between you and the people you wish to reach, engage and help validate your relevance?


Today more than ever, the story of you is the single most important asset you own.

It is the essence of any successful campaign from politics to consumer products and services; in short it is YOUR brand. Your story, told well should engage your public in a way that invites validators who will ultimately help tell YOUR story with even more passion and credibility than you could ever do on your own.


A good story is interesting and engaging. A good story gets told and is retold again and again. A good story can become a sensation, go viral, be shared and re-shared by customers, fans and supporters. Most importantly a good story sets up a reason for a position, a premise, an idea. It can even help you create a movement.


Your story should be good enough to create a more effective selling environment for whatever you are trying to sell, sway, or communicate. It must be integrated thoughtfully and be deployed with discipline through multiple media channels and digital/social media platforms, every minute of every hour of the day... every week.


Your story must inspire, provoke, defend and advance you cause. It short it must conspire to move public opinion ultimately helping you to win.


Your story should anticipate industry evolution and headwinds by positioning you for the way your competitors and opponents might try to define you. Your story must be full of innovation and compelling data driven facts that are aspirational and motivating to your natural constituencies.


You are your brand. Your story, told well is your road map to success. If you don't tell your story well, who will? More importantly...who else can?


Who you are, the things you believe in, the values you stand for and why others should follow you are critical in creating your own success...and by effectively communicating these assets into YOUR unique and compelling win.


Winning is not something you do once. It's something that must become cultural and often begins internally within an organization or corporate structure. You start with your own employees, follower and customers.


At MP+C we have been telling our client's stories for years. Our team has created winning narratives for brands, industries, associations and campaigns for clients large and small with a special focus on New England.


Let's talk... and then let's begins your story, together.