How do you get noticed, drive a narrative, and change public opinion about your brand, issue or campaign?


The best way to do it is to create a strong and compelling narrative, one that will connect with your key constituencies, differentiate you from your opponents, critics, competitors and opposition. Then deploy disciplined, integrated and data driven execution to create validators and advocates to help drive your message.


MP+C creates powerful, impactful communications strategies to help our clients win. For over 30 years our work with brands, industries and institutions have afforded us the chance to hone our skillsets and deliver quantifiable results for our clients.


We are nimble, data driven and tireless in creating and executing powerful strategic communications campaigns that deliver real results throughout New England and beyond.


Influence isn't just about who you know; it's about how you engage, how you define and segment your audiences and how you invite supporters and validators to advocate on your behalf.


We use the latest social and digital platforms to engage your audiences from the grassroots up. By creating legitimate "organic" engagement with opinion leaders and influencers, we strive to connect traditional media tactics with individual content to create not just a campaign, but a movement.


Today, influencing customers, voters, communities and opinion leaders in a coordinated and consistent manner is the "ground game" of winning. Maybe it's our understanding of key market segments or our many years in politics and campaigns that make us firmly believe; to influence others in today's complex communications era, you must first invite people in. Tell them your story, share important content that is targeted and segmented. Only then can you hope to motivate them, engage them and retain them to help drive your message.


It's hard to advocate for yourself without the help of those naturally ready to help you.


Building supporters who will validate your message, join your cause and support your case is the single most important asset you leverage to get the attention of lawmakers, regulators and the media.


Advocacy on your behalf from real validators creates credibility for your cause and shapes your story as you build your case. Advocacy works because it's contagious, it can go viral, and it builds upon itself because it is organic and authentic.


At the end of the day your strategic communications efforts either win or lose. They are effective or they are not.


At MP+C we are outcome based. Winning isn't something we just talk about, it's something we've helped our clients do again and again.


Tell us where you need to go, what you need to accomplish and why. What should the headlines read the day after a critical vote? What should the blogosphere and the media be writing? How do you define a win?


Let's talk - because when you hear our story, you'll know our team can help get you there.